New Video: Rick Ross Featuring Omarion, 'Ice Cold' (NSFW)

Rick Ross and Omarion enjoy the life of luxury in their new video for "Ice Cold."

Rick Ross and Omarion enjoy the company of exotic animals (and exotic ladies) in their "Ice Cold" video.

We always knew he was wealthy, but Rick Ross could be getting so rich that he's at the "Let's buy weird stuff" phase of his career. Sure, Rick's expensive necklaces, bracelets, shoes, and cars are on full display in his new video for "Ice Cold" featuring Omarion (from last year's God Forgives, I Don't), but turns out he's also acquiring more exotic pets. Why so many animals? It's hard to say, but we like to think that Rozay watched "We Bought A Zoo" on HBO Family one tipsy night and was all, "YES. Imma do that."

Watch Rick Ross featuring Omarion's "Ice Cold" video after the jump.

In the DRE Films-directed clip, Ricky's in all his shirtless glory, rhyming about his wealth and Don Juan status while Omarion croons to some scantily clad ladies. As Rick shirtlessly spits verses and smokes cigars, the camera pans to his pet wildcat (not to be confused with Rick's beloved Ocelot from "Ashamed") and python, which is slowly slinking its way around a naked lady's body. (Nice touch with the phallic symbolism, Rick.)

Now, of course we're wondering: What other weird animals does Rick have lying around? A giraffe? Does he employ an army of kangaroos to guard his house? A pet monkey like Justin Bieber's? Either way, even if Rick doesn't build an animal kingdom on his estate (Neverland Ranch Pt. II), he's still balling harder than Matt Damon.

+ Watch Rick Ross featuring Omarion's "Ice Cold" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: UMG