New Video: Cody Simpson, 'Pretty Brown Eyes'

Cody Simpson fixates on a gal with "Pretty Brown Eyes" in his new video.

Cody Simpson catapults into summer with his "Pretty Brown Eyes" video.

If you weren't totally ready for summer, then you can thank Cody Simpson's new "Pretty Brown Eyes" video for catapulting you straight into a land filled only with sunshine, pools, bikinis, BBQs, and select other summery activities that we'll need a few more "Intensive Abs" classes to prep for. Though come to think of it, it's definitely summer right now in Australia (where Cody's from) -- so they've probably had more time to hone their beach bodies. UGH, IT'S NOT FAIR.

Watch Cody Simpson's "Pretty Brown Eyes" video after the jump.

In the bright and airy clip (that features some cool hand-drawn animation), Cody and his pals (including his sister Alli!), throw the first poolside rager of the summer. Amid a few gratuitous shots of a shirtless Cody lounging on an inflatable raft, the cupcake lover locks eyes with a pretty, brown-eyed brunette across the yard. The duo flirt all afternoon (and by flirt, we mean she pushes him into the pool), and later Cody grabs his gal and his guitar to head toward a scenic lookout point to, errrm, "talk." Because that's DEFINITELY what two teenagers do on a hot summer day with no adult supervision, right?

+ Watch Cody Simpson's "Pretty Brown Eyes" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records