Video Premiere: Gentlemen Hall, 'Sail Into The Sun' Lyric Video

Watch Gentleman Hall's "Sail Into The Sun" lyric video.

Gentlemen Hall get psychedelic in their brand-new "Sail Into The Sun" lyric video.

Rocketing into an all-consuming inferno of a looming star never sounded like much fun to us, but that was before we heard Gentlemen Hall's take on the concept. Their new lyric video for the song "Sail Into The Sun" is such a feel-good, bubbly exhalation of warmth and happiness, it would probably make anything sound like a blast. Oh wait, it says here in our notes that it's a metaphor. Guess we're going to have to return this supercute fringed two-piece space suit we just bought on Etsy.

Watch Gentlemen Hall's "Sail Into The Sun" lyric video after the jump.

The band, whose "Gravity Will Break Our Bones" was one of the best songs to come out of Boston in the past year (and also kind of a frightening concept with an irresistible pop sheen now that we think of it), collaborated with Boston street artist Ian Sanity and video director Ethan Goldhammer to bring the sighing, harmonized, synth-pop "Sail Into The Sun" to stop-motion life. "The video is literally a moving painting," said the band in a statement. "After a month of shooting [and] painting, all the footage was shot. Ethan [Goldhammer] edited it into a masterpiece, but we were missing lyrics -- we had Ian Sanity hand draw them and Ethan overlay them."

Also, if the song sounds familiar to you, it's probably because Samsung and Target have been playing it all over the world as part of their ad campaigns, which, good for you, dudes. Get yours.

"The song is about togetherness but has an element of fantasy," guitarist and singer Gavin Merlot explained to us of the video's concept. "There is also a slight retro feel, and we wanted a video that would drive home all of this together... The cutout characters and moving paintings are all part of the retro experience. The kaleidoscope imaging gives us the dreamy psychedelic vibe we were looking for."

There's a story line as well inside the moving shapes, Gavin said. "The two triangle protagonists are our two lovers exploding with geometric chemistry."

Exploding with geometric chemistry. That's the most scientifically romantic explanation of love we've heard in a long time. Anyone know when the next ship to the sun sets sail? We're convinced we can make this a reality.

+ Watch Gentlemen Hall's "Sail Into The Sun" lyric video.

Photo credit: Paul Natkin