Star Spotting: 'Married To Jonas' Is Back! Let's Celebrate With A Kevin And Danielle Jonas Selfie! (PHOTO)


Are Kevin and Danielle Jonas finished taking adorable selfies? NOPE!

At this point you must be feeling all like, "Why are you STILL showing us these adorable, too-cute-you-could-puke photos of Kevin and Danielle Jonas living together in matrimonial bliss when you know we're single?" And honestly, we totally get why y'all might think all this husband-wife smooching is a sick form of masochism, but we're showing you today's "torturous selfie" for a reason! And it's that the second season of Kevin and Danielle's reality show, "Married To Jonas," premiered this past Sunday! And we forgot how much we missed it!

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In honor of their second season premiere, Kev and Dani hit up last night's star-studded E! Upfronts (an event where E! previews their upcoming fall and mid-season series for advertisers), and naturally, the picture-perfect couple snapped a quick selfie on the way. Because if you had the most toned skin on the planet, a perfect eyeliner application, and were riding next to your gorgeous, famous, rich, kind, and exceptionally pearly white-toothed musician husband (someone got out the Crest Whitestrips!), wouldn't you wanna capture the moment and share it with the world? Survey says: YES. That said, Kev and Dani, please spare us! Or at least wait to post another selfie until we're in a vaguely committed relationship. Like, five dates and up.

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Photo credit: @KevinJonas

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