Listen To A Preview Of Jay-Z's '100$ Bill' From 'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack

Jay-Z spits a rather chaotic verse about wealth in a preview of his "100$ Bill" From "The Great Gatsby" Soundtrack

Listen to a preview of Jay-Z's "100$ Bill" from "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack.

We know that you're NOT OK with how long it'll be before the "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack debuts in full (the whole thing drops on May 7). Because hearing mere snippets of Florence + The MachineLana Del Reythe xx, and's contributions (not to mention the recently released minute-and-a-half preview of Beyoncé/Andre 3000 's "Back To Black" cover) is just NOT CUTTING IT! But despite how eager we are to see the movie AND hear the soundtrack, we've got one more preview, courtesy of "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack producer himself: Jay-Z's "100$ Bill."

Listen to a preview of Jay-Z's "100$ Bill" after the jump.

On the ominous and chaotic track, the "Open Letter" rapper spits about being remembered ("The honeymoon's over with the street s***/ Used to see my kids on the weekend/ Carter, new Kennedy/ an ordinary Joe, you will remember me") and the pitfalls of wealth ("dollars fall.../ politicians all move for money"). Is "100$ Bill" as mainstream as some of Jay's other tracks? Nah, but we suspect it will go quite well with the tumultuous "Gatsby" plotline. Also, as a crucial aside: If anyone knows what we did to deserve two new Jay tracks in approximately two weeks, then let us know so WE CAN REPEAT IT FOREVER.

+ Listen to a preview of Jay-Z's "100$ Bill."

Photo credit: Warner Bros/Watertower Music