Adam Lambert's 'Then & Now' Photo Proves That Glam Doesn't Age

Adam Lambert shared a photo of his 22-year-old self!

Adam Lambert shared a glamouriffic "Then & Now" photo!

Looking at this "Then & Now" photo of Adam Lambert totally has us narrating a glam fairy tale in our heads... something like (read in the voice of Morgan Freeman), "A long, long time ago (2002 to be exact), there lived a young boy named Adam Lambert. Unbeknownst to him, he was DESTINED to become the Prince Of Glam." Actually, Adam probably always knew that he would one day rule the Glamberg kingdom -- just look at his confident 22-year-old look! It totally screams "I WIN AT EVERYTHING" and "Did anyone TiVo that new show "American Idol"? I want to take notes so I can DOMINATE it one day."

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer shared the photo on Instagram along with the caption "9 years ago! Woah. (That's some bad yellow bleach.)" First, we have to disagree with Adam on the bad bleach job -- need we remind him that it could have been waaay worse, like, "'90s boy band frosted tips" worse. Second, WE MUST HAVE Adam's moisturizing routine! Aside from his brighter hair and those earrings, Adam still looks exactly like he did in his early 20s! Apparently that's just another perk of having all that potent glam coursing through your veins (he also has the ability to nail every smize and give epic "neck porn" at any time) -- you NEVER age.

Photo credit: @realadamlambert

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