The Buzz On: Luke James

Buzz On: Luke James

If Beyoncé likes Luke James, THEN SO DO WE.

Not sure about y'all, but there are certain situations where we ask ourselves, "What Would Beyoncé Do?" (WWBD for short!) For example, if we were about to embark on a giant national tour, we'd ask, "Who would Beyoncé take with her on the road as an opening act?" The answer: New Orleans R&B crooner Luke James! (It's actually Luke's second time joining Beyoncé onstage -- last year he opened for her in Atlantic City, and this time he'll open on the European leg of the "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.") See? Life is soooo much better when a Queen makes decisions for you!

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This isn't Luke's first time sharing the stage with famous peeps, either. James got his start singing background vocals for Tyrese, and later, writing songs for celebs like Chris BrownBritney SpearsKeri Hilson, and Justin Bieber...TO NAME A FEW. Soon after, Luke signed a management deal with super producer Danja and released his SERIOUSLY dope (legit, if melted full-fat butter could sing, it would sound like Luke) mixtape, #Luke, in 2011. Oh, last thing: We should probably mention that James' mixtape single "I Want You" earned him a Best R&B Performance nomination at the 2013 Grammy Awards. And fine, maybe he didn't win, but if you're gonna lose, you miiiiight as well lose to Usher's "Climax," you know?

Nowadays, Luke has recently released his latest endeavor, a track called "I.O.U." and the second single off his forthcoming Made To Love disc (dropping sometime this year!). Like "I Want You" and "Make Love To Me," "I.O.U." is yet another lush, sensual R&B track, which if we dare to say it, is a seriiiiious panty-dropper. WATCH YO BACK, USHER! Luke's a-comin'.

+ Listen to Luke James, and watch his I.O.U. video.

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