New Song: Jennifer Lopez, 'What Is Love (Part II)'

Listen to Jennifer Lopez's "What Is Love (Part II)."

Jennifer Lopez continues to question love in her latest track.

It's been a minute since we've heard anything from Jennifer Lopez, which, as a side note, definitely doesn't mean we haven't seen much of her (i.e. HER LEG at the 2013 Grammy Awards). But in terms of new music, J. Lo hasn't shown up on much since last March's "Sweet Spot" collab with Flo Rida. That is, until now, of course (dun dun dun....!), because J. Lo has JUST released "What Is Love (Part II)," a follow-up to 2011's "(What Is) Love?"

Listen to Jennifer Lopez's "What Is Love (Part II)" after the jump.

Channeling Edwin Starr's growling 1970 hit, "War," the "Goin In" singer's new jam takes a sweeter, wispier, and more vulnerable approach to the once-AGGRO track. Lyrically, "What Is Love" takes a few hard-hitting jabs at a certain dude in J. Lo's life, who may or may not have taken her for granted when they were together. J. Lo croons, "I had a ring on it/ But I had to take it off/ I wasn’t nearly getting the love that I deserve/ All the cheating/ All the lying/ All the pain/ All the crying/ All the s*** that I’m not buying." While it might be easy to assume this tune is about J. Lo's ex Marc Anthony, word on the street is that it was actually recorded in 2009. And if J.Lo split with Anthony in July 2011, then maybe it's NOT about him. That said, to whomever this song is about, all we have to say is: BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.

+ Listen to Jennifer Lopez's "What Is Love (Part II)."

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