Justin Bieber And Selena Look Pretty Back-Together In This Photo. Interesting!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's are-they-or-aren't-they, broken-then-mended relationship is a serious doozy. Sure, we were all sorts of #SADZ when we heard late last year that Justin and Selena had broken up -- in fact, we spent the following month sulking in our bedrooms with only an iPad, "Sex and The City" episodes, and Top Ramen for comfort. Then, after the breakup, we heard all KINDS of rumors about the duo's (maybe) reconciliation, but finally, the breakup dust settled and Justin and Selena appeared to go their separate ways, with Justin taking his shirt off "All Around The World" and Selena kicking some serious a$$ in "Spring Breakers" and performing "Come & Get It" at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. But now, according to this very snuggly Instagram photo (that Justin quickly deleted), it looks like Justin and Selena's flame may have rekindled!! Um, what are we to make of all this?!

So, how is this happening?! Well, last we heard, the "Come & Get It" singer had hopped a plane to Norway last Thursday to see Justin on his "Believe" tour, THEN traveled with him to Copenhagen. THEN, last Saturday night, Justin posted a blissful photo of the two on Instagram...and promptly deleted it. Well, we're no fortune-tellers, but this doesn't look like an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend "closure" photo to us. Nope, this looks like a happily reunited/"It's Facebook Complicated" couple. And we JUST. DON'T. KNOW. ANYMORE. C'mon, Jelena! Don't make us crawl back into our snack dust-covered sad blanket caves!!

Photo credit: Instagram

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