Star Spotting: Kevin And Danielle Jonas Look Pukey-Cute On The 'Today' Show (PHOTO)

Kevin and Danielle Jonas talk "Married To Jonas" on the "Today" show.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas are so cute... they kind of make us wanna puke.

There's been a lot of Jonas floating around Buzzworthy these past few days, what with the JoBros "twerking" (among other things!) on Wednesday's "Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV" livestream. That said, oldest bro Kevin is pulling double duty right now! He's not only busy promoting the Jonas Brothers' new single, "Pom Poms," and their upcoming 25-city summer tour, but he's also promoting the forthcoming second season of "Married To Jonas"! And really, what better way is there to promote a reality show about your marriage than by popping by the "Today" show with your wife, Danielle? And looking SO IN LOVE that's it's not even human??

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Kevin and his PDA-loving wifey stopped by "Today" to chat about their reality show (and also to make me reactivate every online dating profile I have). Seriously, we always thought relationship-based reality shows were supposed to be about couples fighting! And more fighting! And meanness! But by the look of it, this season is gonna be nothing but long walks on the beach and unlimited shopping sprees. Oh, and maybe a few more backstage selfies.

During the Jonas Brothers' MTV livestream, Kevin also filled us in on how "Married To Jonas" affects his and Danielle's marriage, saying, "There are tough times and good times. The show itself has really taught us how to connect when things are uncomfortable. Sometimes you want to brush things under the rug, and with a show like this, you kind of can't because you're gonna end up watching it a couple of months later." How's that for a healthy relationship?? Aaaand up comes our lunch.

Look out for "Married To Jonas" when it returns for its second season on Sunday, April 21, at 10:30 p.m. ET on E!

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Photo credit: Getty Images