New Video: A-Trak & Tommy Trash, 'Tuna Melt'

Watch A-Trak and Tommy Trash's "Tuna Melt" video.

A-Trak and Tommy Trash's "Tuna Melt" video gives new meaning to the term "domino effect."

Five things we learned from A-Trak and Tommy Trash's epic "Tuna Melt" video:

1.) Dudes are in no rush to eat lunch. That sandwich is getting cold over here. Because…

2.) To make "Tuna Melt"'s video, the duo hired 1) director Ryan Staake and 2) Lunatim Rex, otherwise known as "Kinetic King": a past "American's Got Talent" contestant and a Guinness World Record holder for stick bombs, intricately connected chains of Popsicle sticks that "explode" once the chain is set off. Judging by this video, anything can be part of a stick bomb: sticks, dominoes, plastic cups, paper airplanes, a toy submarine, A-Trak's entire house. This video probably gets the Guinness World Record for most bonkers domino run at a DJ's house, which should definitely be a thing.

Watch A-Trak & Tommy Trash's "Tuna Melt" video after the jump.

3.) A-Trak has a room in his house with an "A-Trak" poster above the bed. Just in case we forgot whose crib this was. Related: A-Trak's house is awesome.

4.) Stacking dough can refer to getting paper or using a few dozen sanded-down pieces of toast as the crispiest possible domino pieces.

5.) The clatter of falling dominoes is an excellent sound effect for A-Trak and Tommy Trash's new EDM banger, which thumps with bleeding synths and drum breaks that rush up to bone-shaking, Popsicle stick-destroying choruses. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're starving.

+ Watch A-Trak & Tommy Trash's "Tuna Melt" video, and watch a behind-the-scenes look into the making of "Tuna Melt."

Photo credit: Fool's Gold