Check Out One Direction's 'This Is Us' 3-D Movie Poster, Made Entirely Of Fan Photos!

Check out One Direction's "This Is Us" official movie poster!

One Direction is a montage of HOT in their "This Is Us" movie poster. 

Have you ever wanted to be like, "Sorry guys! I'm playing hooky from work today to spend the afternoon making a montage of One Direction's faces!" Oh, you have?? US TOO! Sadly, we haven't gotten up the guts to ask our boss for the time off, but we might not have to since 1D's brand-new movie poster for their forthcoming 3-D film, "This Is Us," already did the job for us! Kind of...except they forgot to include OUR FACES!

And there's more! The poster, which was just unveiled yesterday, was also released on the boys' 1,000-day anniversary as a band. That's right: 1D have been 1D for 1,000 days! Mazels!! And wanna know what else? The boys' movie poster is also a tribute to the most hardcore 1D Stans, using submitted fan photos from around the world. That in mind, we are KIND OF upset that team 1D didn't chose my fan submitted photo (the one with my head attached to Gisele's body superimposed in the background of 1D's "Kiss You" video), but we're assuming it was just too hot to include. Maybe next time?? I have extra copies if you need me to resend!

Photo credit: TriStar Pictures