Watch The Jonas Brothers React To Their 2006 ‘We Want Girlfriends Bad’ Video From ‘The Jonas Brothers: Live At MTV’ Livestream!

Watch the Jonas Brothers have an “LOL” attack over their “We Want Girlfriends Bad” video from 2006.

Sorry, but if you didn’t catch the Jonas Brothers on Wednesday’s “Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV” livestream, you made a BIG MISTAKE. Because not only did the boys “twerk” on command, but they drew versions of Grumpy Cat and “The Hunger Games” and basically admitted that Sofia Vergas was the inspiration behind “Pom Poms“! But what was the BEST moment of the entire livestream? Oh, just seeing the guys have a full-on “LOL” blackout as they re-watch a video from 2006 where they admit, “We want girlfriends, BAD.” They’re losing it, we’re losing it, and everyone is losing it.

Watch the Jonas Brothers react to their 2006 “We Want Girlfriends Bad” video after the jump.

In case you don’t remember, back in 2006 MTV interviewed the up-and-coming JoBros, who, all single AND SO YOUNG, claimed they “want girlfriends, bad!!” WE CAN’T. Naturally, the boys seemed a little embarrassed after re-watching their younger selves beg the world for girlfriends, but we think things turned out A-OK: Nick currently claims that he’s “single,” Joe doesn’t admit to anything, but it LOOKS like he’s still dating Blanda Eggenschwiler, and as for Kevin, if the name  “Married To Jonas” doesn’t ring a bell, you may be on the wrong blog. Last thing: If for some reason you didn’t get enough of Nick, Kevin, and Joe from MTV’s livestream, then be sure to catch the “Pom Poms” singers on their their upcoming 25-city summer tour! We’re going to, like, maybe 75 percent of the shows. See you there?

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Photo Credit: Michele Crowe / MTV

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