New Video: Featuring Justin Bieber, '#thatpower,'


Justin Bieber appears as a hologram in's "#thatpower" video.

If we could hijack a celeb's Rolodex (fine, iPhone contacts), it would be's! Aside from being able to, you know, call and PERSONALLY congratulate Fergie on her pregnancy, we'd be able to hit up everyone on will's forthcoming #willpower" disc, including, but not limited to Will's "Fall Down" pal, Miley Cyrus, his "Gettin' Dumb" collaborators, 2NE1, and, most important, Will's "#thatpower" collaborator, Justin Bieber! And by the look of his newly released "#thatpower" video, will and Justin are in the throws of a VERY serious bromance, so you know he'd pick up if we (or "will") called.

Watch's "#thatpower" video featuring Justin Bieber after the jump.

So, there's good news and bad news about "#thatpower": The bad news is Justin Bieber only appears as a Tupac-esque hologram. The good news? NOW WE KNOW WHAT HOLOGRAM BIEBER LOOKS LIKE! At the top of the clip, (and his posse of dancers/clones) groove to robotic choreography as will's transported to various cities around the world. Soon, will's joined by a very special "Hologram Bieber," who arrives just in time for the song's club-ready "bigger, better, stronger, power" hook. Are we a little sad that the real Bieber couldn't make a cameo? Sure, but then again, the two are BOTH wearing drop-crotch pants, so at least they're together in sartorial spirit!

+ Watch's "#thatpower" video featuring Justin Bieber.

Photo credit: Interscope