Fans Go H.A.M. Over Demi Lovato At LAX; Calm Down, Lovatics! (PHOTOS)

Demi Lovato got accosted by fans at LAX!

Demi Lovato dutifully took an iPhone selfie with two Lovatics at LAX.

You know how it is being a pop star (OK, maybe you don't know, but try to imagine for a sec): You're shuttled from place to place, morning show to morning show, concert to concert, hotel to hotel -- things get exhausting! And even though your eyes are basically plastered shut from makeup and fatigue, you're ALWAYS expected to smile like the flawless, giving person you are when fans recognize you in public. You may even be cajoled into taking impromptu phone selfies with them. But it won't be like taking impromptu airplane selfies with, say, Gwyneth Paltrow, who you'd perk up from ANY level of exhaustion to pose with; sometimes being recognized in public gets a little out of hand! For example, when Demi Lovato ran into a pair of overzealous Lovatics at LAX. Way to smile through the pain, Dem!

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Demi Lovato got accosted by fans at LAX!

One goes in for the hug...

Snapped walking through LAX in Los Angeles, Demi was straight-up accosted by a couple of wayyyy over-the-top Lovatics who just HAD to get an iPhone selfie with the "Heart Attack" singer. Luckily, Demi kept her wits about her and played along for a few photos before gently pushing the girls aside so she could go about her business. As uncomfortable as Demi's moment looked, it could've been way worse -- she could've been overrun by a hoard of fans like Justin Bieber, One Direction, or The Wanted! It could've been a "get in the car or get killed" situation! But still, maybe Demi had just exited a plane and needed to hydrate. Maybe she was on her way to purchase an overpriced airport sandwich and a too-big bottle of water. Or a Cinnabon! All we know is, celebrities have needs, too. And under most circumstances, if you run into them, it's probably just better to smile, compliment their shoes, say "LOVE YOUR WORK," and mooooove on.

Demi Lovato got accosted by fans at LAX!


Photo credit: Splash News