Star Spotting: If Jessica Simpson Has To Cover Her Baby Bump, It May As Well Be With A BIRKIN! (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson covers her baby bump with her Birkin!

Uhhh sorry, Jess! But we know there's a baby behind that Birkin! 

We've already established that soon-to-be second-time mommy Jessica Simpson loves (and we repeat, LOVES!) to go preggo chic! Because who could forget the iconic photo of the "Where You Are" singer rocking heels while she was OMG SO pregnant with her first baby, Maxwell, and more recently, the photo of Jess twerking a pink blazer and sky-high stilettos? Now, per the above photo of Jess shopping in L.A., it would appear that she has changed up her pregnancy look, rocking more casual (i.e. STRETCH) attire, and more importantly, doing the old handbag-in-front-of-her-belly trick! BOLD MOVE, LADY!

Pardon us, did we say "bag"? Because we actually mean BIRKIN, which as you know, is not ACTUALLY A BAG but more a piece of art so valuable, it should come with its own bodyguard and "bag umbrella." (Not a thing, but should be.) Also, Jess, clearly we're TOTALLY into you introducing your kid to a Birkin bag by osmosis, but there's no need to hide that bump! You and I both know there's a baby behind that Birkin. And side note: We are straight thrilled to see Jessica wearing sneakers! Because we were beginning to think she was literally a superhero whose superpower was "feet with no swelling or pain."

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News