New Song: Neon Neon, 'Mid Century Modern Nightmare'

Neon Neon return with a brand-new single, "Mid Century Modern Nightmare."

Neon Neon is back with a bad dream and a big single.

A mid-century modern nightmare sounds like something Don Draper would have while passed out in a really beautiful Danish chair, probably involving a weird flashback to the Korean War and/or watching black-and-white television, but Neon Neon's new jam is strictly for the future. Ferris Bueller's future, at least: "Mid Century Modern Nightmare" bumps in the night with a furry bass and deadpan vocals straight from 1986. Devo would be proud. Swirling synthesizers and crisp drums bring the track into 2013, though a lyrical fascination with "the bourgeoisie" "sipping cups of tea" is timeless. (The band's new album is a concept record about the publisher of "Doctor Zhivago," who died in 1972. Hang on to your time machines!)

Listen to Neon Neon's "Mid Century Modern Nightmare" after the jump.

The track's into the chorus by the 33-second mark and over by 2 minutes, not wasting a moment -- the better for making 10-hour Daft Punk-style YouTube loops, or at least soundtracking your next hasty getaway from the mall cops. For Neon Neon, a collaboration between producer Boom Bip and Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys, the new album, Praxis Makes Perfect, will be the duo's first since 2008's Stainless Style -- that's a lot of days off, guys. Welcome back.

+ Listen to Neon Neon's "Mid Century Modern Nightmare."

Photo credit: Lex Records