Amber Rose Got A TOO Real, Creepy Tattoo Of Wiz Khalifa’s Face, Because That’s What Love Is (PHOTOS)

Amber Rose got a hyper-realistic tattoo of Wiz Khalifa’s face. And that’s what love is.

The love affair between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose is TRULY one for the ages. It always brings a jealous barf smile to our face when we see Wiz and Amber do boyfriend-girlfriend things like get couples mani-pedis, pose on magazine covers, and dote on their newborn son, Sebastian! And even though these two aren’t officially married yet, it looks like Amber has taken a step in the “FOREVER AND EVER” direction with a tattoo. But not just any ink — a hyper-realistic portrait of Wiz’s face. WHOA. OK, forget wedding rings, babies, and name tats! That’s child’s play! Amber is going to have Wiz’s face adorn her body for all of eternity!

See more photos of Amber Rose’s Wiz Khalifa tattoo after the jump.

No going back now!

Fresh from the tattoo parlor, Rihanna’s new bestie uploaded a photo of her ink to Instagram with the caption “True Love #Cam&Amb :-).” Aww, see? Even though it kind of looks like a sketch drawn by a police artist/creepy dude at the state fair, Amber’s Wiz tat has nothing but love in it! And when these two crazy kids finally march down the aisle, they’ll feel comfortable knowing that they’ve already made it “skin-official.” Kind of like becoming blood brothers. Only with needles. OK, time to stop. This is getting scary. Can we just see more pics of baby Bash throwing up peace signs?

Photo credit: @muvarosebud