New Video: Juliet Simms, 'Wild Child'

Watch Juliet Simms' "Wild Child" video.

Juliet Simms hustles the concrete jungle in her new "Wild Child" video.

We've seen Juliet Simms go from one music world to another: She roared among the punk scene with Automatic Loveletter before joining Team Cee Lo on "The Voice," where she came in second last year. Now, she's making her own way with the video for "Wild Child," the lion-voiced singer's solo debut single. The new track finds the rocker wailing over funky grooves, electronic tones, and a synth-powered chorus. Somewhere, Axl Rose is getting nervous.

Watch Juliet Simms' "Wild Child" video after the jump.

In the video, Juliet Simms and her crew hit the town, going day-to-night in leopard-print pants and a tiger mask. Meow, girl! "I'm a lot to handle," she purrs, crawling on a pool table before going full Paul Newman and hustling some regulars out of their weekend cash. Not quite "a million, billion, trillion, gazillion," dollars (Dr. Evil swag), but definitely enough for another wild night. Or seven: That's how many evenings Simms will be spending on Warped Tour this July. Bring that new album with you, lady -- and maybe an onstage tiger? You can always borrow Lana Del Rey’s.

+ Watch Juliet Simms' "Wild Child" video.

Photo credit: Brian Higbee