Joe Jonas Addresses His Sex Tape Rumor With A Cool 'I'll Get You The Director's Cut'.. Now With GIFs!

Jonas Brothers Live At MTV

Joe Jonas nips those sex tape rumors in the bud on the "Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV" livestream.

You could never accuse the Jonas Brothers of not having a sense of humor. They may be serious musicians with bragging rights of more than 8 million records sold in seven years and another album -- their fifth -- on the way. But the Bros weren't afraid to twerk, draw hilarious versions of Grumpy Cat and "The Hunger Games" and make a coy reference to Sofia Vergas' er... assets... during yesterday's "Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV" livestream, where Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas spent a cheer-filled half hour (literally, the Columbia University cheerleading squad kicked off the livestream with their very own Jonas collegiate cheer) discussing their new single, "Pom Poms," their upcoming 25-city tour, the new album, and what it's like to get the band back together after a brief period where Joe and Nick embarked on solo projects and Kevin filmed the compulsively watchable "Married To Jonas." And they also had no qualms about using the fan forum as an opportunity to address that pesky little adult film rumor floating around about Joe and his girlfriend.

+ Watch Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas address Joe's sex tape controversy on "Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV," and check out hilarious GIFs after the jump!

When an audience member (who happened to be Logo's very own Kyle MacMahon, creator of the GIFs you see here) asked the guys to name the craziest rumor they'd heard about themselves, there was a knowing pause before Nick joked "when's that sex tape come out, Joe? I'm waiting." An earnest Joe, demonstrating his signature perfectly timed comedic instincts, responded, "I'll get you an advance copy. I'll get you the director's cut." Handled and shot down like a pro.

Sorry to disappoint, ladies (and Kyle). Pretty sure Joe's sex tape doesn't exist. Instead, you'll have to settle for their upcoming album and these GIFs.

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