One Direction Finally Met Wax Versions Of Themselves (And We Can't Tell Them Apart) (PHOTO)

One Direction met their wax figure doubles!

One Direction posed with their wax replicas... AND WE WANT THE WHOLE COLLECTION.

Good news: One Direction's wax statues are finally finished! We've been fascinated by the statues' creation since the beginning (and then hesitant about the process -- sorry, disembodied boy band heads aren't our thing). But now that everything's been molded, painted, and dressed (we're guessing), we'd like to give a standing ovation and slow clap to the artists who created these masterpieces. The replicas are SPOT-ON! It's like our dream has officially come true: 1D is CLONED! (Except one version of them shouldn't be exposed to scented candles or direct sunlight.)

The "Kiss You" singers posed with their recently unveiled Madame Tussauds BWFs (Best Waxed Friends) in London, and we really can't get over duplicates -- they're just SO lifelike (especially the boys' hair)! We're kinda wondering, though, how exact are the replicas? Like, do they include the boys' various tattoos? Do they have the same buff bodies as 1D? Does Harry Styles' wax figure wear boxer briefs, too?! These are all very valid questions, so does anyone want to visit Madame Tussauds with us for a little game of "Undress The Wax Figure"? JK!! Kinda...

Photo credit: Splash News