New Song: Said The Whale, 'I Love You'

Listen to Said The Whale's "I Love You."

Said The Whale take the straightforward rock route in "I Love You."

Not to start with a pun, but Vancouver's indie pop darlings Said The Whale have already made a splash in Canada, what with winning a JUNO Award for New Group Of The Year in 2011 and chronicling their attempts to cross the border in a documentary titled "Winning America." And even if it's taken a few years for the States to get hooked on Said The Whale (last whale pun, PROMISE), cofounder Tyler Bancroft doesn't seem terribly concerned about that anymore, telling Consequence Of Sound, "This time I went into the writing process with mindset of ‘F*** everything, I’m just going to write what makes me happy.'" Fortunately, Bancroft's latest output, a power-pop rockin' banger called "I Love You," should do just that.

Listen to Said The Whale's "I Love You" after the jump.

The track, from the band's upcoming I Love You EP, marks a distinct transition from last year's Little Mountain; instead of Wes Anderson-friendly keyboard 'n' tambourine ballads, Said The Whale have traded in their academic knitted caps for some postcollegiate, look-you-in-the-eye rock 'n' roll. Opening with punchy electric guitar, "I Love You" transitions into a full siren-sounding chorus breakdown ("You got it wrong but I love you/ You're kinda rough but I love you/ we got along and I love you/ You know, you know, you know I love you") that heavily channels The Knack's "My Sharona." Seriously, we almost did the "Reality Bites" dance. You know the one we mean.

Look out for Said The Whale's I Love You EP when it drops June 18 on Hidden Pony/Caroline Records.

+ Listen to Said The Whale's "I Love You."

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