Star Spotting: Katy Perry Bites Her Nails Like A Normal, Non-Famous Person! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry bites her nails like a normal person!

Katy Perry bites on her nails post-workout!

First, sorry! We know you can't exactly see the lovely Katy Perry's face in this photo of her biting her nails, but allow us to explain! We bite our nails too! Sometimes it's worse than others, but let's just say we've gotten a few looks from some seriously worried manicurists. That in mind (and please don't judge us for using Katy's bad habit as our own self-esteem booster), but it kind of thrills us to no end that Katy Perry, an international pop superstar, bites her nails JUST LIKE US. Aside from the fact that it makes us feel one step closer to being her backup singer (THAT'S OUR ULTIMATE DREAM), it's just, like, the gal is totally normal!

The UNICEF ambassador (and oddly unreal jump roper!!) was snapped looking totally toned in her workout clothes while leaving a Los Angeles gym. And honestly, don't you guys think you might get a little nervous if 10,000 photographers were trying to get in your face on the way out of the gym? WHILE YOU WERE WEARING REVEALING SPANDEX? Yeah, if we were caught on camera in spandex, we'd be biting our nails and then some.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News