Video Premiere: Young Statues, 'Eraser'

Watch Young Statues' "Eraser" video.

Young Statues are cooking up a record collection -- literally.

If you need a bonfire for your next camping trip, there's only one thing to do: Ransack people's apartments and steal their vinyl albums and guitars. Or maybe, uh, buy firewood. The former, however, works out pretty well for Philadelphia's Young Statues, who heat up a chilly night out with old records and a very unlucky turntable in their "Eraser" video from their Age Ain't Ours EP. (WINTER BREAK FOREVER!!!).

Watch Young Statues' "Eraser" video after the jump.

Opening with a Mumford & Sons-y acoustic shuffle before the band crackles into an electric heat and a hook that'll warm your frosty, Skrillex-filled heart, the video's quick edits happen in sync with the upbeat pop-rock track, scoring a thieving crew who pillage The Smiths and Jens Lekman LPs. (Say what you want about the robbers -- they have impeccable taste.) It's not all bad for the burgled tenants though, as the thieves leave behind a toilet-related present along the way. Nope -- not that kind. (Stick around for the surprise!) With their very sweet video, Young Statues is truly on fire right now -- just leave the breaking and entering to James Franco and company.

+ Watch Young Statues' "Eraser" video.

Photo credit: Run For Cover Records