Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Eats Pizza Through A Cage, Because That's One Way To Portion Control? (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone stays buff by eating pizza through a cage. Not the ideal seating arrangement in our book.

If you were wondering how Austin Mahone stays in shape, it's because he eats through bars!

If you were wondering if Austin Mahone got his SUPER in-shape heartthrob body by scarfing down pizza like he's in a professional eating competition, then you'd be kind of right! This photo pretty much shows us how Austin has maintained his flawless (and often shirtless) physique -- by portioning his meals with an "eating-through-metal-bars" technique, obvs. We smell a new health fad! Actually, all we can smell is that cheese pizza (Yes, we sniffed our computer screen), AND THAT'S ALL WE WANT RIGHT NOW. *Sigh* Junk food, you win again.

The "Heart In My Hand (Live On The Beach)" singer once admitted to having a major sweet tooth, and now we totally get how he stays in such good shape via this Instagram photo -- by attending boot camp AND eating meals through bars? But we're kinda confused by the photo's caption, "Feeding me through my cage! lol." Does eating in a cage help Austin stay svelte, or are you supposed to put your food in a cage and eat it? Is there going to be a health plan book to explain his process? Meh. We'll just wait until we have the exact details. Until then, we're gonna eat whatever we want while we swoon over Austin. WAIT! Does swooning for hours help get you in shape? 'Cause we're gonna be SO ripped. So glad we can throw those "Insanity" DVDs away now.

Photo credit: @austinmahone