Video Premiere: The Woodsman's Babe, 'Red Or White'

Watch The Woodsman's Babe's "Red Or White" video.

The Woodsman's Babe takes us on the road in his"Red Or White" video.

Any metalheads (former or current) in the room? If so, you might recognize Los Angeles native and multi-instrumentalist Joe Lengson as the former bassist of Christian metalcore troupe MyChildren MyBride (I know, riiiight?). You may ALSO recognize Joe as a former mtvU personality (!). OR maybe you've thumbed through Lengson's memoir, "Sleeping In Parking Lots." In short, Lengson's all over the darn place, in trade and in musical genres. Nowadays, the former metal musician/VJ/writer has traded metal riffs for beards and knitted caps in his solo project, The Woodsman's Babe: a pastoral, Fleet Foxes-meets-Bon Iver-sounding project that's just released its latest video for "Red Or White."

Watch The Woodsman's Babe's "Red Or White" video after the jump.

Opening to shots of guitars and recording studio soundboards, "Red Or White" is a behind-the-scenes look into the songwriting, touring, and being-a-long-haired-musician process; it's a homemade-looking compilation of clips featuring Lengson strumming on his acoustic guitar, planning out song structures on a whiteboard, walking through his tour bus, traveling through cities, and just generally looking pensive and filled with ideas. "Red Or White"'s finely layered "whoa-oh-oh" harmonies accompany the DIY, Instagrammy clip, so soft and genuine, that just for a moment it feels like we're on the road and growing our hair (and beards) out with Lengson. Choose "Red Or White" below.

+ Watch The Woodsman's Babe's "Red Or White" video.

Photo credit: The Woodsman's Babe