Video Premiere: Wallpaper., 'Good 4 It' (NSFW)

Wallpaper. relies on help from his bandmates in his "Good 4 It" video.

Wallpaper. gets a little help from his friends in his "Good 4 It" video.

Initially we assumed that Wallpaper.'s new jam "Good 4 It" signified a momentary break from getting white-boy wasted while raging up in da clurrrb and grooving to party jams like "F****** Best Song Everrr." And yes, while "Good 4 It" might be a smidge on the emotional side ("Without some help, sometimes/ Need my friends, sometimes/ To bail me out, sometimes/ You know I'm good 4 it"), the track's just-released video shows Ricky Reed getting riiiiiight back to his "#STUPiDFACEDD" roots. And you know what that means: PARTYING. HARD.

Watch Wallpaper.'s "Good 4 It" video after the jump.

At the top of his "Good 4 It" clip, Wallpaper. has an epic fight with his (presumably now ex) girlfriend, causing her to storm out of the house (wearing basically just a bra, oops!) and send Wallpaper. a-packin'. Now alone, Ricky goes on a solo bender where he may or may not get into a major fight with a giant bartender over an unpaid tab (ugh, breakups). Now, you might be wondering, "Where are Ricky's friends?? Isn't this a ballad about friends? Aren't they going to save him from a post-breakup emotional meltdown?" But then, just when you think you're watching the wrong video, Wallpaper. pulls up to the loading dock of a club and gets a warm embrace from his entire band before they demolish a live performance of "Good 4 It." (Thanks, friends!) Of course, before reuniting with his posse, Wallpaper. angrily throws a glass against the wall, but it wouldn't be a Ricky Reed video without a drop of badassery, right?

 + Watch Wallpaper.'s "Good 4 It" video (NSFW).

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