Star Spotting: Beyonce's Superhero Rhinestone Nipple Costume Is Obviously Our Favorite 'Mrs. Carter Tour' Costume (PHOTO)

Beyonce debuted her revolutionary rhinestone encrusted nipple costume and we may never be over it.

Did YOU know Beyoncé had rhinestone nipples!?

Fair warning: We're gonna have to use the word "nipple" at least four times throughout this post, which details our favorite costume worn by Beyoncé on her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour." So if that weirds you out (kind of like how we cringe when we hear the word "panties" -- EW), then allow us to direct you to a less-nipple-focused Beyonce costume. And now that we've warned you, can we just take a second to genuflect at the altar of Beyoncés rhinestone-encrusted nipple ensemble? Like, are they kidding with this?? We actually think Bey's cutting-edge rhinestone nipples might be on par with Madonna's revolutionary cone bra! And that's saying a lot.

Along with the rest of her custom-made tour wardrobe, Beyoncé debuted her nipple-accentuating superhero breastplate costume during the first "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" stopover in Belgrade, Serbia. And sure, you might be thinking, "But WHY rhinestone nipples?" Yeah, well the question you should be asking is, "WHY NOT?" Because wouldn't you encrust your nipples in high-end (likely Swarovski) crystals if you could? Oh, no? You're lying to yourself! Also, this whole ensemble is kind of genius! Wanna know the best way to avoid a Janet Jackson-style nip slip? Just craft a breastplate out of couture rhinestones! Once again, Beyoncé is a step ahead of the rest!

Photo credit: Splash News

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