New Video: DJ SpinKing Featuring Jeremih And French Montana, 'Body Operator'

DJ SpinKing recruits Jeremih and French Montana for his club banger, "Body Operator."

Hit the club and TURN UP with DJ SpinKing's latest video, "Body Operator."

DJ SpinKing spends a lot of time behind the turntables for artists like Diggy, but in his latest video for "Body Operator" featuring Jerimih and French Montana, he's WAY out in front. Dude is TURNT UP in a club with, like, a 10-to-1 girl/guy ratio, which are pretty good odds for him and his crew, if you ask us. Diggy even shows up to hang out, which kinda makes us wonder, "Is he old enough to be in the club right now?"

Watch DJ SpinKing featuring Jeremih and French Montana's "Body Operator" video after the jump.

"Body Operator," from SpinKing's Hip House 2 mixtape, definitely has a "dance all night/lose your phone/wake up somewhere strange" kind of vibe (and we aren't confirming or denying that we've had such nights... as of last week). But really, when it comes to a party, there's no need to overthink it. When SpinKing recruits the man behind "Down On Me" and the guy behind "Pop That" on the same track, it's pretty clear that you should just let go and let your body do the talking. We're dancing already.

+ Watch DJ SpinKing featuring Jeremih and French Montana's "Body Operator."

Photo credit: DJ SpinKing