New Song: DJ Khaled Featuring Drake, Rick Ross, And Lil Wayne, 'No New Friends' (NSFW)

DJ Khaled enlists Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne try to make magic again on "No New Friends."

Drake shoos away hanger-ons on DJ Khaled's "No New Friends."

When you're a multiplatinum, Grammy-award winning rapper and heartthrob, don't be surprised if a bunch of "friends" and "long-lost family members" turn up at your doorstep, hoping for a piece of the fame pie. Oh wait, we're only describing Drake, right? Fair enough. But the principle is universal: The people who were with you from the beginning are the ones who matter most. This holds true on DJ Khaled's latest single, "No New Friends," from the upcoming Suffering From Success, featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and the aforementioned Drizzy. Also, if these guys are suffering, we want to be MISERABLE.

Listen to DJ Khaled featuring Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne's "No New Friends" after the jump.

On "No New Friends," DJ Khaled takes the backseat (aside from saying his own name), as the three rappers recapture the magic from Khaled's 2011 hit "I'm On One." Drake, who is sadly not singing about Beyoncé, handles the chorus, crooning, "No new friends, no new friends, no new friends, no, no new/ I stay down from day one so I say." Lil Wayne also laments about the trappings of fame and fortune: "And I'm tired of all this hating/ I thank God for my patience/ I thank God for my homies/ I wish we could trade places." Look, we get it: Meeting trustworthy people can be difficult, especially when you're, like, really famous. But you know what? Sometimes it pays to be open-minded! And when it doesn't, amazing albums like Drake's Take Care are born. So either way, it's a win.

+ Listen to DJ Khaled featuring Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne's "No New Friends" (NSFW).

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