New Song: Jay-Z Featuring Common, 'Open Letter Part 2' (NSFW)

Common adds his own experience battling the media to Jay-Z's spontaneous jam on "Open Letter Part 2."

Common adds his two cents to Jay-Z's spontaneous jam, "Open Letter Part 2."

Sometimes it feels like sensationalist media is out to get musicians no matter what they do. Following Jay-Z and Beyoncé's anniversary trip to Havana, the media responded with all sorts of critical reports referring to the couple as "American Royalty" (since, well, it's kinda illegal for Americans to tour Cuba). After his trip abroad, Hov reacted immediately by recording "Open Letter" to answer all of that loose talk. And Common, being the good friend he is (not a G.O.O.D. Music reference, but it easily could be), decided to hop on the track to throw support behind Jay on "Open Letter Part 2."

Listen to Jay-Z Featuring Common's "Open Letter Part 2" after the jump.

While Jay-Z's verses are the same, Common adds new fire to "Open Letter" with his own story of battling the media -- specifically that time he caught flak for visiting the White House. "Still with the Obamas I ride/ I'll meet the president on the South Side/ March the streets, parade for peace/ Shorties keep shooting, they need a release," Common powerfully rhymes on the stirring, tense track. "Media saying s*** that ain't there/ but we fall then get back up like Kevin Ware," he adds, referring to the injured University of Louisville basketball player. Jay and Common may be old pros at dealing with negative press, but clearly they have the guts and resources to rise above. Haters to the left!

+ Listen to Jay-Z Featuring Common's "Open Letter Part 2" (NSFW).

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