Star Spotting: Beyonce Looked Every Bit As Flawless On The Opening Night Of Her 'Mrs Carter Show World Tour' As You Would Expect (PHOTOS)

Beyonce looked like a Queen on the opening night of her "Mrs Carter Show World Tour" stopover in Serbia.

Beyoncé made it rain on the first night of her "Mrs Carter Show World Tour."

We've spent a lot of time talking about, showing you promotional pictures for, and being VERY SAD WE DON'T HAVE TICKETS TO Beyoncé's "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour." And while we definitely plan to continue our yack-a-thon about what is likely the most epic tour of our lifetime, we're thrilled to say that Beyoncé has finally TAKEN HER SHOW ON THE ROAD (lame tour pun!). The "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" made its first stopover in Belgrade, Serbia, last night, and by the look of it, the Beyhive's Queen slayed! In fact, Bey is probably all like, "First night jitters? NAH."

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Word on the street is that (sadly) Beyoncé didn't debut any new material last night. That said, we're hoping that in addition to flaunting her closet full of custom Stuart Weitzmans, Bey might soon perform her "I'm royalty, deal with it!" anthem, "Bow Down," and perhaps an even longer snippet of "Grown Woman," which we still need to hear in full. Amid all these pressing queries and comments, we have one last thing on our mind: Did Bey or did Bey not whip out her and baby Blue Ivy's matching tour chairs? WE GOTTA KNOW.

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Photo credit: Splash News