New Video: tyDi Featuring Melanie Fontana, 'Nothing Really Matters'

Watch tyDi's "Nothing Really Matters" video.

tyDi runs from a hoard of angry mobsters in his "Nothing Really Matters" video. 

For only 25 years old, Australian DJ and producer tyDi has accrued a LOT of success. Not only did his debut album, Look Closer, debut at No. 2 on the AIR Dance Album Chart in 2009, but tyDi was even ranked No. 48 in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ's list in 2011! (#Cred) And the Brisbane native isn't resting on his laurels, either -- tyDi has just released the video for his booming Melanie Fontana-assisted pop/dance single, "Nothing Really Matters," and plans to drop another two albums this year. Still unsure about when this kid sleeps.

Watch tyDi's "Nothing Really Matters" video featuring Melanie Fontana after the jump.

Speaking of getting zero rest, poor tyDi definitely has to sleep with one eye open in his cinematic video for "Nothing Really Matters." The clip kicks off tyDi getting dragged across the floor by a pair of mobsters/mean men before being questioned and slapped around in a dank cellar. WHY is tyDi being questioned by a duo of creepy dudes? What'd he ever do? Well, apparently said dudes have a problem with the "Glow In The Dark" DJ hooking up with a certain super hot chick (how all brawls are born).

Fortunately, tyDi's lady friend comes to save him (but no explanation as to why she was a problem for tyDi in the first place). And just when you think the duo are free to have endless nights of uninterrupted hookups, a plot twist reveals that it's actually the hot babe who set tyDi up all along. (DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.) And honestly, it's kinda sad! Because while there's no actual dialogue in mini-movie music video, we can almost guarantee that tyDi is thinking all sorts of regretful things like, "But why, boo?? I thought we were great together! Remember that time I took you out for dinner and said you could order the lobster? Didn't that mean anything??" Damn, BURNED!

Watch tyDi's "Nothing Really Matters" video featuring Melanie Fontana.

Photo credit: Republic Records