Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Continues His Neck Porn Streak With A Sexy Silver Chain! (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert wore a silver neck chain while performing for Miami's Gay Pride Festival!

Adam Lambert's Miami outfit is (literally) off the chain! Or close to that.

Adam Lambert has already shown us how to properly accessorize with 3-D glasses, fringe, blue suits, leather pants, AND the WORLD'S MOST EPIC SMIZE, but this past weekend Adam took it ALL to the next level (per usual) by wearing a super-sexy, heavy-duty metal chain necklace. Which totally proves that 1) Adam can wear anything he likes and 2) Adam is STILL rocking that neck porn like a PRO! (BTW, has anyone checked the weather report in Florida lately? Because we're pretty sure Adam's just raised temps through THE ROOF.)

The "Let's Dance" singer shared his photo on Instagram along with the caption "Miami" before performing at the 5th Annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival (check out his "Naked Love" and "Pop That Lock" performance!). All Adam Pride performances and neck porn aside, we're just SO happy Adam's out whooping it up after his recent breakup with long-term boyfriend Sauli Koskinen (SO super SADZ about this news), and he's not at home bawling into a bowl of cream sauce-slathered pasta (not that we have personal experience with that... ahem). PUH-lease, like that would EVER happen -- Adam's got places to BE and a NECK to show OFF.

Photo credit: @realadamlambert