Watch Iggy Azalea Perform A Stripped-Down Version Of 'Work' (NSFW)

Watch Iggy Azelea's stripped-down "Work" video.

Iggy Azalea trades tropical onesies for a ballgown in her stripped-down "Work" video.

Don't even try to tell us that you're not straight REVVED to see Iggy Azalea perform a stripped-down and glammed up version of her epic jam "Work" -- a track that's not exactly what you'd call elegant. Sadly, this version doesn't show the Grand Hustle performer wearing a fur jacket and palm tree leotard while grinding on a mack truck, but she does wear a BOMB ballgown for her latest "Work" video, the first single from her upcoming debut, The New Classic.

Watch Iggy Azalea's "Work Stripped" video after the jump.

Armed with only a dude on drums, keys, and a string quartet, Iggy and her "band" perform "Work" in a giant, empty ballroom that looks like it came straight from Captain von Trapp's house in "The Sound Of Music." It may be a smidge bizarre to see the potty-mouthed Iggy accompanied by, you know, a classical violin, but we still totally dig the Outkast appreciator's organic reinterpretation of her vaguely AGGRO hip-hop record. As an unrelated aside, thousands of nerdy music camp kids should feel totally validated because if Iggy's new clip proves anything, it's that classical string quartets ARE HIP!

+ Watch Iggy Azalea's "Work Stripped" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Grand Hustle