New Video: Psy, 'Gentleman'

Watch Psy's "Gentleman" video.

Psy gyrates his way through his brand-new "Gentleman" video.

When your song "Gangnam Style" garners a record-breaking amount of YouTube views, it might be a smidge scary to release a second single, amirite? In fact, the only way for South Korean pop sensation Psy to come back with a bang would be if his second single, the EDM-heavy "Gentleman," broke "Gangnam Style"'s record. And guess what? IT JUST DID. "Gentleman"'s only been out two days and has already garnered a whopping 67 million views! Which of course makes us even more pumped to bring you Psy's brand-new video for "Gentleman."

Watch Psy's "Gentleman" video after the jump.

In a lil' twist of irony, Psy is anything but chivalrous in "Gentleman." After a hardcore shopping spree (where Psy's "handlers" carry all his bags for him), the rapper runs around terrorizing everyone in sight. Psy intentionally spills coffee on his date (K-pop starlet Ga-In!), causes another girl to fulfill my biggest gym fear fall off a treadmill mid-workout, and has WAY too much fun stealing a soccer ball from a group of kids. Finally, utter chaos breaks out as Psy runs outside with a lady friend to hump a streetlight and photocopy his face (not sure how he got from one to the other, but whatever werques for you, Psy!).

And yes, we know what you're thinking: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DANCING? Not to worry, there's plenty! And while there may not be anything quite as infectious as the "Gangnam Style" pony move, word on the street is the Psy's "Gentleman" hip-gyrating choreography has been officially titled the "arrogant dance." AND If you think the "arrogant dance" looks a little familiar, then that's because it's the "hip dance" made famous by K-popettes Brown Eyed Girls back in 2009! It's also our personal opinion that one of Psy's dance moves vaguely resembles the Michael Jackson "crotch thrust." So, there's that. Also, so sorry for saying "crotch thrust" before lunchtime!

Watch Psy's "Gentleman" video.

Photo credit: Republic Records