Star Spotting: Paramore Gave Good Face On The 2013 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet! (PHOTO)

Paramore hit the 2013 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet with style.

Paramore nailed their Movie Awards red carpet moment!

We probably don't have to spell this out for you, but just in case the pure joy of watching things like Selena Gomez nail her "Come & Get It" performance at last night's 2013 MTV Movie Awards has temporarily paralyzed your brain, then here it is: THE MOVIE AWARDS TOTALLY SLAYED! And wanna know what else did? Paramore's full-on WERQUE moment on the Movie Awards red carpet! Seriously, smizes were on POINT.

Also, do we even have to say anything about the fact that Hayley's socks match her hair, which just so happens to be a full 50/50 division of pink AND orange? Because if you thought we didn't notice that, then you'd be sorely mistaken. Color-coordinating socks and hair aside, amid all the excitement from last night's show, one might think we'd temporarily shelve that OTHER thing we've been obsessed with/unable to stop yacking about this week: Paramore's brand-new fourth album! Riiiiight, and to that we say, "How could you ever even momentarily shelve a work of pure genius!!?" So, not only did Paramore dominate their Movie Awards entrance, but they're totally riding high on the success of their new disc. I mean, the "Still Into You" BALLOON SCENE?! We got nothin' else to say.

Photo credit: Getty Images