Ke$ha Once Snuck Into Prince's House & 5 Other Fascinating Things We Learned From Her Interview With Vinny Guadagnino (VIDEO)

Ke$ha's the first guest on Vinny Guadagnino's brand-new show.

Ke$ha is Vinny Guadagnino's first guest on "The Show With Vinny"! Hope she likes Italian food.

We've been dying to know more about Ke$ha ever since she dropped the trailer for her upcoming MTV docuseries, "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life." And sure, we know that Ke$ha's not exactly the type to hide #truefacts about herself, but you know us -- we are INSATIABLE. That in mind, we were gladder than glad to catch Vinny Guadagnino's (from "Jersey Shore," y'all!) up-close-and-personal interview with our favorite Glitterati/Illuminati member. That's right, Vinny (and his mom, grandma, and sister!) sat down with Ke$ha to talk all about her crazy, beautiful life, and you'll be pleased to know that we learned SO MUCH FASCINATING STUFF. Stuff like Ke$ha's mom was totally a hippie, she always carries glitter with her (duh!), and that she -- GASP -- snuck into Prince's house?! Can't handle it. Check out what else we learned from Vinny's interview with Ke$ha, and catch "The Show With Vinny" when it premieres on May 2!

1.) Ke$ha once snuck into Prince's house: No, really, Ke$ha snuck into Prince's house! But not to steal anything: "I snuck into Prince's house, but it wasn't just him. He was not the only one. Because I wanted to give him my music." Bet she also spread glitter all over his couch cushions!

2.) Ke$ha has a hippie mom: Did you know that Ke$ha's mom was a hippie? And that she lived on a school bus? "[I grew up with] my brother and my mom," said Ke$ha. "My mom's a hippie, she lived in a school bus, she named me Ke$ha, and my brother's name is Lagan. She's a little wild." Yep, that IS wild! Also, Ke$ha doesn't exactly know who her dad is, but she doesn't seem too bothered by it. "He's one of a few dudes. My mom was a hippie, and she wanted a baby, and she wanted a Pisces." Whatever works, Ke$h...we're just glad you exist.

3.) How Ke$ha got famous: "I drove out to Hollywood in my dead grandpa's Lincoln town car, and just lived in my car for a little bit," said Ke$ha about her fame-fueled ambitions. "You lived in your car??" asked an incredulous Vinny. "Well, just, like, here and there," said Ke$ha. (The best part of that exchange was how nonchalant Ke$ha was. Like, "Oh, doesn't everybody do that?" THAT'S dedication.

Watch Ke$ha's "The Show With Vinny" interview after the jump.

4.) Ke$ha's Hungarian!: When Vinny's mom chimed into ask Ke$ha what her ethnic background was, Ke$ha responded, "Hungarian...but I don't know who my father is for sure, so the other half of me is kind of a crapshoot." Again, total nonchalance.

5.) How the dollar sign got into Ke$ha's name: "How did the dollar sign get into your name?" asked Vinny, to which Ke$ha replied, "Oh, that was a bad tattoo." Well, sounds like that ink more than paid for itself. Serendipity!

6.) Ke$ha always carries glitter with her: You know, we kinda guessed that Ke$ha carried glitter with her everywhere, but we didn't think she SERIOUSLY did that! Yep, Ke$ha ACTUALLY does carry glitter wherever she goes! And also that time she dumped a glob of it on Vinny's head mid-interview! Good luck getting that out, Vin! We hear peanut butter helps.

+ Watch Ke$ha's "The Show With Vinny" interview with Vinny Guadagnino, get another look at "Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" before it premieres on April 23, and don't miss "The Show With Vinny" when it premieres on May 2!

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