2013 MTV Movie Awards Performer Selena Gomez Wants Rachel McAdams to Play Her In A Movie! (VIDEOS)

Normally at Buzzworthy, we tend to focus on Selena Gomez's musical side (like listening to her brand-new song, "Come & Get It," on repeat for hours and hours and obsessing over when her new album will come out), but now that the 2013 MTV Movie Awards are on the horizon (Sunday night at 9 p.m.!), we're changing things up for a sec to talk movies with Selena! We sat down with Selena in between Movie Awards rehearsals to chat about film-related things like, "Who would play you in a movie?" and "What's your favorite movie quote?"

Watch Selena Gomez reveal her favorite movie quote after the jump.

In a bit of an unexpected plot twist (movie puns!), turns out the "Spring Breakers" star would have none other than "The Notebook"'s Rachel McAdams play her in a movie. "Not because we look anything alike, but just because I'd want to be on set with her and watch her. She'd be a better version of me, anyway," said Selena. Aw, self-deprecation will get you everywhere, girl. As for her favorite movie quote, Selena broke the adorability scale by doing a perfect impression of Judy Garland in "Ziegfeld Girl." Does this mean Selena should try her hand at musicals? We're on board! Retro movies FTW!

+ Watch Selena Gomez reveal her favorite movie quote.

Don't miss Selena Gomez's much-anticipated "Come & Get It" performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m ET!