New Video: Frank Ocean, 'Lost'

Frank Ocean shows us his intimate tour diary in his latest video, "Lost."

Frank Ocean invites us on tour in his latest "Lost" video.

Frank Ocean has had a whirlwind year and a half: Not only did he perform (and win!) at the 2013 Grammys, but Frank also made hip-hop history by publishing a brave letter explaining his sexuality, and of course, danced with Taylor Swift (our ultimate goal in life). It's a lot to digest if you read about each item individually, but lucky for us, Frank made a compelling visual travel diary of his last few months for "Lost," his latest clip from the critically acclaimed channel ORANGE. And in just a few short minutes, dude has collected more stamps in his passport than we probably will in our whole life.

Watch Frank Ocean's "Lost" video after the jump.

Reflecting "Lost"'s lyrics, the documentary-style video features Frank and his Odd Future cohorts (like Tyler, The Creator) traveling through cities like Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. The video is like a retro home movie, shot in grainy Super 8 footage, and has the "Eyes Like Sky" singer doing everything from moving through airports and riding on buses to visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Pyramids in Egypt. Those are some major frequent-flier miles, dude! OK, that's it, we're officially dropping coins in our piggy bank for Paris. We're starting our OWN travel diary... Even if only our mom reads it.

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Photo credit: Def Jam