New Video: Palma Violets, ‘We Found Love’

Palma Violets get tongue-tied in their brand-new video for “We Found Love.”

While it’s unclear whether or not London’s Palma Violets actually found love per se in the new video for their song “We Found Love,” we can report that they did find a lot of affection. We lost count after a while, but the night-in-the-club clip tallies about eight make-outs, seven pecks, three cuddles, and infinity bro hugs. Love, however, is a many splendored thing, as they say, so who’s to judge?

Watch Palma Violets’ “We Found Love” video after the jump.

The band, who kicked off their first U.S. tour with an appearance at Coachella, cut straight to the point on the riotous, herky-jerky garage-rock burner. The video, directed by Douglas Hart, is inspired by the infamous club scene in “Trainspotting,” but it has a much less disgusting conclusion.

“I’m gonna find myself a lady friend and stick with her until the end,” makes up the bulk of the lyrical content here from co-vocalists Chilli Jesson and Sam Fryer. Apparently there’s not much time for singing when there’s kissing to do. #Priorities

+ Watch Palma Violets’ “We Found Love” video.

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