Ed Sheeran Won MTV News' 2013 Musical March Madness Because HOLY S*** Sheerios Are Even More Hardcore Than The Echelon And Aliens!

Ed Sheeran is officially the champion of MTV News' 2013 Musical March Madness!!

Congrats, Sheerios! Ed is officially the 2013 MTV News Musical March Madness champ!

Wow. After 40 million votes were tabulated, two voting servers overloaded, and 64 rabid fan armies competed (you guys, 65,899,660 people voted for Barack Obama in 2012, which... probably means something significant if you wanna spend today thinking about politics and pop culture, but ED SHEERAN!), we can finally lift Ed Sheeran's hand high and officially declare him the winner of MTV News' 2013 Musical March Madness tournament! When we say that we are stunned, we mean it, because the Sheerios upset both Thirty Second To Mars' Echelon AND Tokio Hotel's Aliens. Taking on just one of those bands is difficult enough, but Ed Sheeran's fans managed to topple both of them?! Dayum, Sheerios. Y'all crazy! Maybe since all you Sheerios worked so hard, Ed will get that second album out a wee bit faster for y'all. (Meanwhile, we're still working on that Best Redhead category at the MTV Movie Awards for you.)

And look Echelon, Aliens, and all the other very devoted and deserving fan armies: Take this as a learning experience. Next year, you guys will rally and vote 10 times as hard. But as for the remaining 11 months till next time, be sure to play nice. 'Cause sore loser is NEVER a good look, but winner is ALWAYS in style. And remember: It's just a game. We brought enough cupcakes for the whole class, so everyone just return to your seats, play nice, and be happy for Ed Sheeran.

+ Watch the announcement of the winner of MTV News' 2013 Musical March Madness: Ed Sheeran!

Photo credit: MTV News/Getty Images