Star Spotting: Looks Like Macklemore's Getting Into The Zone For His 2013 MTV Movie Awards Performance (PHOTO)

Macklemore gets in the zone for his 2013 MTV Movie Award performance with a SUPER serious selfie!

Macklemore gets in the zone for his 2013 MTV Movie Awards performance with a SUPER serious selfie!

In case you haven't heard yet (Um, hi, and WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?), this weekend (Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET, to be exact) is the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! And while we've been canceling all our social plans to prepare for the big evening and making a "What To Eat While Watching" menu (Candy. LOTS of candy), Macklemore has also been preparing for his own epic weekend. The "Thrift Shop" rapper and his better musical half Ryan Lewis will hit the MTV Movie Awards stage to perform their brand-new single, "Can't Hold Us," and dude is taking some selfies to get ready! While selfies can be an exercise in vanity, they can ALSO be a great motivational tool and are a great addition to one's "get hyped" routine -- we heard that from Oprah or something.

The Branching Out Woodie winner shared the straight-faced photo on Instagram along with the caption "Don't Let Me Get in to my zone." Part of us wants to think that Macklemore's getting into the zone to hit up a local Goodwill (gotta stay poppin' those tags), but we're mostly betting that this stern selfie is totally a warning that loosely translates into "WATCH ME DOMINATE THE STAGE WITH RYAN LEWIS." Judging by this expression, we strongly suggest not testing him. He's definitely in the zone.

Photo credit: @Macklemore