New Video: Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris, 'All Around The World'


Go "All Around The World" with Justin Bieber in his brand-new video.

Ever seen Justin Bieber in concert? No? Well, today's your lucky day (especially if you're in NYC, where it's totally gross and rainy outside, so we NEED THIS), because Justin's brand-new "All Around The World" video, the latest single from Believe, will take you right in the heart of JB's universe, where he's playing to packed venues, performing with Ludacris, and pulling plenty of Michael Jackson-worthy dance moves in drop-crotch pants. And if you HAVE seen Justin in concert, then you're even luckier (duh), because "All Around The World" is also a behind-the-scenes look into Justin's life on the "Believe" tour -- and you know how much we treasure behind-the-scenes looks into Biebs' life.... *manic cackle*

Watch Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris' "All Around The World" video after the jump.

Tracking his round-the-world travels, "All Around The World" LITERALLY crosses the globe, featuring the "Yellow Raincoat" singer playing shows, riding in cars before shows, collabing with Ludacris, checking out historic landmarks, and just generally living his #bestpopstarlife. (No shirtless shots, though, sorreee!) And even though Justin has seen cities ranging from NYC to Paris and London, every locale has a common denominator -- hoards of screaming, squeeing, crying Beliebers. Stamp your passport below!

+ Watch Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris' "All Around The World" video.

Photo credit: Island Records