Psy Goes Harder, EDM-er On 'Gentleman'

Listen to Psy's "Gentleman."

Psy releases his latest track, the EDM-infused "Gentleman."

Y'all remember a little song called "Gangnam Style," right? Just a minor YouTube situation (with the most views OF ALL TIME) by a little known K-pop rapper named Psy. Oh right, you remember! You probably "horsey-danced" your way through all of Summer 2012! And like most viral sensations, Psy set the bar prettyyy high for a follow-up tune, though clearly our favorite blue tuxedo-ed, pompadoured singer has nothing to worry about with his latest single,"Gentleman," which is harder-hitting and more EDM-infused than its younger cousin.

Listen to Psy's "Gentleman" after the jump.

Set to a thumping, club-ready beat, Psy's "Gentleman" shares a few characteristics with "Gangnam Style," namely the Korean-to-English language mashup and a similar rhythmic buildup to the chorus breakdown. Instead of "oppan Gangnam Style!," it's "Mother-Father-Gentleman!," followed by "Damn girl, you so freaking sexy" and "Gonna make you sweat/ Gonna make you wet/ You know who I am." The similarities end there, however, as "Gentleman," with its drum machines and floor-shattering EDM darts, is more of a straight electropop club tune than a viral trend piece. "Gentleman" might not send club, wedding, and bat mitzvah-goers into a flurry of "LET'S PRETEND TO LASSO AN IMAGINARY HORSE," but it'll have no trouble getting its audience on the dance floor (or to the gym).

+ Listen to Psy's "Gentleman."

Photo credit: Republic Records