Britney Spears Ditches Starbucks For The Grocery Store With Her New Boyfriend! (PHOTO)

Britney Spears and David Lucado go on a grocery shopping date again.

Britney Spears and new boyfriend David Lucado went on another grocery date!

Yes, we know people go to grocery stores all the time -- even famous pop stars like Britney Spears (btw, shouldn't she have a gazillion assistants to pick up Cheerios?!) -- but based on how we recently discovered the new couple on a grocery shopping date and now this photo of the pair shopping together again, it looks like the supermarket is Brit and David Lucado's favorite "couple spot"! Also, is this Britney's new "thing"? Instead of making a bajillion stops at her local Starbucks, is the grocery store her new errand of choice? It would make sense! Now that she's part of a couple and has to take care of two rapidly growing kids, it seems like the grocery store would be way more efficient for her needs than, say, grabbing frappuccinos and Michael Bublé CDs!

The "Scream & Shout" singer was snapped picking up some essentials (pool toys ARE essentials) with her new BF while in Los Angeles, which you'll notice did not include iced frappés. It also seems pretty clear that the pair has evolved from the "Let's meet in dimly lit coffeehouses, read poetry to each other, and reenact scenes from our fave rom-coms" stage and skipped right to "Let's wear our matching college outfits out in public while we run boring errands together!" Hey, we don't blame Britney. When you're busy being super famous, ain't nobody got time to get wined and dined. Besides, NOTHING says "romance" more than a lover who will carry your heavy grocery bags for you.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News