Watch Taylor Swift Get America Hooked On '22' In Her New Diet Coke Ad! (VIDEO)

Watch Taylor Swift's new Diet Coke ad!

If drinking Diet Coke will inspire us to write a song like Taylor Swift's "22," then we'll take 76 cases.

Let the soda wars begin! Just a week after Pepsi released Beyoncé's VERY EN FUEGO "Mirrors" commercial, Diet Coke has stepped into the ring with their "Music That Moves" spot featuring Diet Coke spokeswoman Taylor Swift. (Now WATCH Canada Dry's Ginger Ale freak out and hire Nicki Minaj to pimp their soda, like, tomorrow).

Watch Taylor Swift's Diet Coke ad after the jump.  

In Taylor's Diet Coke ad, the professional grocery shopper is sitting in her bedroom writing the lyrics to "22." As she writes, half of America -- a driver, a chef, and an up-and-coming singer-songwriter -- start singing with her until eventually Taylor's got a hit song! Celebrating her achievement, Taylor takes a sip of Diet Coke before stepping onstage to greet throngs of Taylor Stans at a live show. Thanks Diet Coke!

In all, Taylor's ad is totally lovely and fun (just like Taylor herself), and probably a perfect way to get the tween audience hooked on Diet Coke as opposed to Pepsi (but CAN ANYONE actually taste the difference??). And while we're not trying to compare Taylor to Beyoncé (apples and oranges, people), HOW dope would it have been to see Taylor dancing with all the different versions of herself from years past? I mean, I can't be the only one missing Tay's giant white ball gown from "Love Story," right?

+ Watch Taylor Swift's Diet Coke ad.

Photo credit: Diet Coke

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