New Song: Nervo, 'Hold On'

Nervo release their newest track, 'Hold On.'

EDM duo Nervo isn't quite ready to let go on "Hold On."

It's been a hot minute since we last heard from Mim and Liv, the paralyzingly gorgeous and talented Australian DJ deuce (and twins!) otherwise known as Nervo. Responsible for such club-crushing bangers as "You're Gonna Love Again" and "We Are All No One" featuring AfroJack and Steve Aoki, Nervo is probably BEST known for cowriting David Guetta's Grammy-winning "When Love Takes Over." Now, not only are the EDM bombshells about to play Coachella, but they're also gearing up to release their latest offering, "Hold On," AND prepping their upcoming debut album. Um, yeah, and I thought brushing my teeth in the shower was multitasking.

Listen to Nervo's "Hold On" after the jump.

Coproduced by R3hab, "Hold On" opens with creeping vocal harmonies that drop the hook right out of the gate (because why wait?). It's the kind of anthem that involuntarily prompts you to visualize a giant hoard of sun-soaked festival goers sheathed in neon ribbon and be-fringed crop tops undulating up and down in slow motion (and we're sure that's exactly what's gonna happen in a few days at the girls' Coachella set). But if you listen carefully, you'll hear Mim and Liv plead a simple, but sincere message: "Give us a chance / I just wanna hold on." And Miv (can we call you that?), you KNOW we'll oblige.

 + Listen to Nervo's "Hold On." 

Photo credit: EMI Music