Star Spotting: One Direction's Niall Horan Has All The Right Moves On The Soccer Field! (PHOTO)

Niall Horan had the time of his life playing soccer on Newcastle Arena's field.

Niall Horan in a soccer jersey is just as adorable as you'd imagine. 

While we thought it was every dude's ultimate fantasy to be in a boy band so successful that you have girls literally dying to touch you 24/7, apparently Niall Horan of One Direction's secret dream is to be a professional footballer! (And for those Americans who just freaked out at the thought of poor, sweet Niall getting pounded by a 350-pound linebacker, we mean the U.K.'s football, aka soccer in the U.S.) We know, Niall on an American football field is actually terrifying.

Word on the street is that before their show at Newcastle Arena, Niall and the rest of his 1D posse stopped by Newcastle United's training ground (Newcastle's a big soccer team in England). And while we're sure all the 1D guys were pumped for a sports break on a famous "pitch" (catch us tryna sound British again??), ultimate soccer Stan Niall Horan may have had the best time of all. Along with the above pic, he tweeted, "Sign him up hahahah!" and later, "just been to watch @NUFCOfficial! Didn't deserve for that to happen! Great game, though! Our new teammates did a great job!" Our new teammates? Now how cute is that? But seriously, Niall looks a liiiiittle too right at home on that soccer field. That said, we TRULY wouldn't put it past angry 1D fans to write letters to Newcastle telling them to stop courting Niall!

Photo credit: @NiallOfficial

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