Video Premiere: Wolfgang Gartner Featuring Medina, 'Overdose'

Medina sings on Wolfgang Gartner's track about quite the addictive love in their video for "Overdose."

Medina describes an addictive love in Wolfgang Gartner's "Overdose" video.

Electro house producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner is probably juuuust heading back from Coachella (or maybe he's still sleeping off that three-day party). But before packing his bags for California, Wolfgang dropped a new brand-video for "Overdose," featuring Danish singer Medina. The busy, dizzying clip has Medina doing most of the heavy lifting while a cadre of dancers WERQUE and experience gravity shifts in a series of metallic rooms. Wait, is Coachella still happening? 'Cause "Overdose" looks how we think Coachella feels.

Watch Wolfgang Gartner featuring Medina's "Overdose" video after the jump.

In the stylish, dance-heavy clip, Wolfgang Gartner provides the soundtrack while Medina performs, twerks in thigh-high boots, and pines for a dude she's STRAIGHT UP addicted to. (On the other hand, Medina doesn't seem like she wants to go to bad boyfriend rehab anytime soon.) While we've never been that sprung over someone, there are some things we generally CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT, like shirtless boy-banders, celebs with puppies, Oreos -- you know, the essentials. Obviously we don't have a problem. But from the way Medina's talking about this guy ("I just wanna OD on you"), it sounds like we've crossed over into unhealthy territory. Might be time to round up the "Intervention" troops!

+ Watch Wolfgang Gartner featuring Medina's "Overdose" video.

Photo credit: Ultra Records